Linking Math with Art
Through the Elements of Design

Shape Mosaics and Geometric Shape Collages


Shape Mosaics

Art Elements: shape, pattern
Art Techniques: mosaic
Math Vocabulary & Concepts: square, triangle, rectangle, patterning

Students first cut small squares, triangles, and rectangles. On another day, they glue the small shapes on the edge and the inside of a large shape drawn onto a 12x12 sheet of construction paper. The large shapes can then be used for whole-class patterning activities.




Geometric Shape Collages

Art Elements: line, shape
Art Techniques: collage
Math Vocabulary & Concepts: circle, line, straight, curved

Students trace and cut a circle and glue it anywhere on the black paper. Then they cut on the lines of a printed line template. They glue all the pieces on black paper to create a design.

line templates for cutting










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