First Grade Art Work

sculptures and collages

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Marshmallow Sculptures

Build a structure out of mini-marshmallows. Draw it. Then eat the marshmallows. That's it! Very challenging! Lots of fun!









One Line Paper Sculptures

When the first graders saw the green paper sculptures done by Kindergartners, they wanted to do them too. I had a lot of purple paper so I cut a bazillion strips, showed them how to make accordion folds, and gave them two rules: work in 3D and try to make one continuous line. The addition of one other color was an option.











Geometric Collages

This one of my all-time favorite math-integrated art activities. I call this one "1-2-3-4 Collages" because they are asked to use 1 circle, 2 lines, 3 triangles, and 4 colors. I've also done this with fifth grade students with more complex instructions.










Red, White & Blue Collage

Many famous artists use red, white, and blue in creative ways. I introduce the lesson by showing a few of those art works. Students use torn paper, including torn star shapes, to create their Red, White & Blue Collages. One caveat: they were not to recreate the U.S. flag.










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