First Grade Art Work

learning to draw

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Still Life Observation Drawings

Using a wide variety of everyday objects, we set up a still life in the center of each table, and students were asked to draw what they see, not what they think they see.









Shape People

Stick people are my pet peeve. Children can draw wonderful people until somebody shows them a stick person. My job is to get them back to what they know... that people have shape. These shape people are made with ovals for each part of the body, with two separate parts for arms and legs, so that they bend. They then draw an outline completely around the person shape, erase the ovals, and fill it in. The crazier the better!





  Self-Portraits With Landscape

This lesson starts with a careful observation of the Mona Lisa, during which students name and describe all the details they see. Then they do their own da Vinci-inspired self-portraits using construction paper crayons on black paper.








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