Kindergarten Art Work

drawings of all kinds


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Pattern Studies

Using photos as inspiration and for reference, students draw the patterns they see. Photos include animals, flower close-ups, fences, buildings, and more.



Elmer's Friends

After a read-aloud of Elmer, students learn to draw an elephant step-by-step using shapes and lines, then color their elephant using a pattern. A discussion about repeated patterns and random patterns is part of the lesson.





Bubble People

No stick people allowed in art class! We have shapes! We have clothes! We have bodies! Drawing bubble people requires students to think about and give definition to body parts. I lead them through the first one, part by part, which they color however they want. They then go on to draw and color as many as time will allow.









Family Paintings

These family compositions are drawn with crayon first, then watercolor is used for color. Students are asked to draw themselves first and to include everyone in their family who lives with them.




Kindergarten Kandinskys

These compositions are done as a drawing exercise adapted from an activity in Mona Brooks' Drawing With Children. They are done at the end of a week long exploration of the elements of art: line, shape, color, texture, and space. They remind me of some of the work done by Russian artist Wasily Kandinsky.





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