Student Art Work
from Renee Goularte's Classroom

This art work on these pages was done by third, fourth, and fifth grade students in a once-a-week art class that focused on the elements of design: point, line, shape, color, texture, pattern, and space. The main resource for the class was the book Creating Art With Kids, but student interest guided the direction. Enjoy!






Pointillism Pictures

After learning about points as defined for both math and art, students use markers to create a simple shape using only points, or dots. They are encouraged to experiment with larger and smaller points, mixed colors, and placing points closer together or further apart.








 One-Minute Faces

This is a blind contour drawing activity which combines observation skill, timing, and spatial sense. Students sit facing each other and draw the face of the person sitting across from them, without looking at their paper and without lifting their marker from the paper. And, they are timed for one minute.... fun, fast, really easy, and always successful! 






Line Landscapes

After a discussion about and practice with several different types of lines, students look at photographs of landscapes to identify the different shapes, lines, and contours of mountains and hills, rocks and rock formations, water forms, and other elements that may be present in the photographs.

They lightly draw the basic contour lines with pencil, then go over these lines with a black marker. Some of the resulting shapes are then filled with lines. Students use their choice of thin or ultra-thin markers, or a combination of both. They fill some of the spaces with a variety of types of lines, with at least one space filled with parallel lines.













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