Whole Language Essentials Book List
the books that are mentioned time and again

Mosaic of Thought: Teaching Comprehension in a Reader's Workshop
by Ellin Oliver Keene and Susan Zimmermann.
-This book is my all time favorite because it made me think deeply about comprehension and what readers do and what connections they make. This book has such a richness about it that it is pure pleasure to read.-Devon
- I use this book more than any other for constant resource -- Renee
-Mosaic is still my all-time favorite. It has helped me understand from the core what the most important elements in building reading comprehension are and how to help students build these skills.--K.K.
- I found myself more conscious on my own reading strategy use and in doing so, better prepared me to teach to the real meat of reading--comprehension.--Lori

Wondrous Words
by Katie Wood Ray
-for learning about the craft of writing -- ways with words-Ruby
- Kimberlee Hannan
-This book forever changed the way I think as a reader and a writer and opened Writer's Workshop open wide with possibility.--Lori
--Examples of picture books to assist with developing mini lessons. Katie's own voice is a true joy to read. This becomes a touchstone text for me. Ideas abound! - Jan S

Reading with Meaning: Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades
by Debbie Miller (published by Stenhouse)
-This is a book that is influencing my thinking and what I will do in the fall with my new first graders. Debbie Miller shows techniques for modeling thinking; specific examples of modeled strategy lessons for inferring, asking questions, making connections, determining importance in the text, creating mental images, and synthesizing information. (The above is taken from the back cover of the book.) In my opinion, the book is an enjoyable read and will both inspire and support teachers to work with readers in some very fruitful ways. - Cathy
-K-3 reading comprehension strategies to enhance understanding. Mini lessons were developed for K-3, but can be used with 4-6 too.- Jan
-- Miller manages to take the abstract beauty of Keene and Zimmerman's work and distill it clearly into classroom practice.--Lori

On Solid Ground
by Sharon Taberski
--Strategies for teaching reading K-3- Jan
--Taberski opened my eyes to the possibilities of teaching reading in a workshop environment.--Lori
-- It was a tremendous help to me when I first began teaching a reading and writing workshop. Lots of ideas for starting out, setting up the classroom, and structuring the time. - Ruby

Choice Words
by Peter Johnston
-for learning about how teachers use talk to foster democratic and caring classrooms.-Ruby
-It is helping me even more with mylanguage in the classroom! Lists of what you can say really help!-Heather
--The enormous awareness children will have of themselves as learners and determiners of
their own learning if teacher can learn to speak this way. The enormous possibilities of helping teachers learn to speak more supportively to the children, using this book. - Sydney

Strategies That Work
by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis
- K-8 reading comprehension strategies to enhance understanding. Includes theory and sample mini-lessons. - Jan
- Kimberlee Hannan

Guiding Readers and Writers 3-6
by Fountas and Pinnell
-I had to buy this book in my credential class and it became one of our main textbooks. This is what gave me my intro to workshop and it is such a great resource!- Heather
- Teaching comprehension, genre, and content literacy. Each chapter includes a section with special help for struggling readers and writers.- Jan

In the Middle
by Nancie Atwell
-This book helped me to envision how workshop could look in middle school. She has tons of great ideas. - Heather
- Kimberlee Hannan

Radical Reflections
by Mem Fox
-Short, funny, practical, radical, and thought-provoking. Advocates throwing out the basals.-- Renee
- Passionate opinions on teaching, learning, and living. - Jan

The Art of Teaching Writing
by Lucy Calkins
-Helped me start writers' workshop in my multiage classroom.- Renee
- Further inspiration and another book I find myself returning to again and again.--Lori

The Art of Teaching Reading
by Lucy Calkins
- A must have for all teachers of reading. Lucy covers all aspects of reading, explains theory and has examples. Guaranteed to make you think! - Jan
- I find this book to be inspirational and one that grows on you by providing something different to you with each rereading.--Lori

Joyful Learning in Kindergarten
by Bobbi Fisher
- It's the best to start that I know about. I know lots of kindergarten teachers that relied on that book to get through their first few years of kindergarten and had wonderful experiences because of the information in that book. It has the philosophy as well as the activities. I strongly recommend it. -- Devon
- When I was teaching Kindergarten it was always with me! -- Renee

The Writing Workshop: Working Through the Hard Parts (And They're All Hard Parts)
Ray & Laminack
- Getting started with workshop leaves you with more questions than answers and this book helps fill in the gaps, covering everything from procedure and organization to developing units of study. --Lori
- A practical, comprehensive, and illuminating guide to support teachers in writers' workshop -Jan

by Syvlia Ashton-Warner
-It has changed many lives most dramatically. Including mine. -Sydney
- An important starting point for many. - Renee

Teachers and Children at Work
by Donald Graves
- This book was the one that set me on the road not only to process writing then writing workshop but eventually to whole language teaching. - Elisa
- That is the one that got me going! - Margi

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