Teachers' Favorites

first, a few "must read" authors...
Vivian Gussin Paley
Susan Isaacs
John Holt
Jonathan Kozol
Sybill Marshall
Ron Jones
Herb Kohl
Lilian Katz
Gianni Rodari
Karen Gallas
Paulo Freire

Ashton-Warner, Sylvia ~ Teacher
Atwell, Nancie ~ In The Middle
Avery, Carol ~ ...And With a Light Touch
Barnes, Douglas ~ From Communication to Curriculum
Barth ~ Run School Run
Brooks, Cleanth and Warren, Robert Penn ~ Understanding Poetry
Cambourne, Brian ~ The Whole Story
Carlsson-Paige, Nancy and Levin, Diane ~ The War Play Dilemma
Cogan ~ Clinical Supervision
Calkins, Lucy ~ The Art of Teaching Reading
Calkins, Lucy ~ The Art of Teaching Writing
Calkins, Lucy ~ Living Between The Lines
Delpit, Lisa ~ Other People's Children
Dewey, John ~ Democracy and Education
Fisher, Bobbi ~ Joyful Learning
Fountas and Pinnell ~ Guided Reading
Fox, Mem ~ Radical Reflections
Fried, Rob ~ The Passionate Teacher
Gallas, Karen ~ The Languages of Learning : How Children Talk, Write, Dance,
Draw, and Sing Their Understanding of the World
Goodlad, John ~ What Schools Are For
Graves, Donald ~ A Fresh Look at Writing
Graves, Donald ~ Writing: Teachers & Children at Work
Harvey and Goudvis ~ Strategies That Work
Hansen, Jane ~ When Writers Read
Harste, Jerry ~ Language Stories and Literacy Lessons
Hindley, Joanne ~ In the Company of Children
Holt, John ~ What do I do Monday?
Holt, John ~ How Children Learn
(all of Holt's books)
Joyce and Weil ~ Models of Teaching
Katz, Lilian ~Talks with Teachers of Young Children
Keene and Zimmerman ~ Mosaic of Thought
Kohn, Alfie ~ Beyond Discipline
Kohn, Alfie ~ Punished by Rewards
Lieberman and Miller ~ Teachers: Their World and Their Work
Lortie ~ Schoolteacher
McKenzie ~ Beyond Technology
Miller and Seller ~ Curriculum
Mills, Heidi, O'Keefe, Timothy, Stephens, Diane ~ Looking Closely; Exploring
the Role of Phonics in One Whole Language Classroom
Moffett, James ~ A Student Centered Language Arts Curriculum, Grades
K-13: A Handbook for Teachers
New Zealand Staff Ministry Of Education ~ Dancing with the Pen
Palmer, Parker ~ The Courage to Teach
Peters, Thomas and Waterman, Robert ~ In search of Excellence
Peterson and Walberg ~ Research on Teaching
Routman, Regie ~ Invitations: Changing As Teachers and Learners K-12
Raphael ~ The Teacher's Voice
Saphier and Gower ~ The Skillful Teacher
Shannon, Patrick ~ Text, Lies and Videotape
Smith, Frank ~ Understanding Reading
Smith, Frank ~ Comprehension and Learning
Tyler ~ Basic Principles of Curriculum Design
Zinsser, William ~ On Writing Well

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