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Exploring the Elements of Art
~ Renee Goularte

I like to incorporate art into the curriculum by moving through the basic elements of design -- point, line, shape, color, texture, pattern, and space -- using simple activites that are open-ended and exploratory. These activities I use focus more on the process of creating than any intended product, Long ago I compiled a list of exploratory activities that I've used sequentially to help children tap into their own creativity AND to learn to appreciate the art around us. When I am teaching art this way, I also supplement the exploratory instruction with information about famous artists and discussions of their work, and also through focusing on specific illustrators of picture books.

Here is a one-page overview with a link to a list of sample activities: Art in the Classroom


I've also written a book which puts it all together:


Creating Art With Kids
Using the Elements of Design in the Elementary Classroom

166 art activities and resources for teachers

by Renee Goularte

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