Activities and Lessons
for Beginning the School Year

Welcome to School Lunch
Susan Adams

I have a K-3 and at the beginning of each year the students plan and prepare a Welcome to School lunch for the first Friday. They work hard to come up with the menu, who will bring what and what their jobs will be on the cooking day. At one lunch we had bar-b-qued hamburgers, chips, cookies, deviled eggs and fruit salad with lemonade to drink. It was cute watching the k's try to figure out how many glasses of lemonade would be needed. Each group got a math question like that-for example If you get 6 hamburger patties out of a pound of hamburger, how many pounds of hamburger will we need? Or How many servings of chips out of a 24 ounce bag? and so on. One year they voted on Pokemon Mac and Cheese! When the lunch is over, we write thank you notes for the donations - good writing practice. ~~

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