Activities and Lessons
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Classroom Parties
Mary Bencini

My second graders plan all my room's holiday parties. I started this about 8 years ago and wouldn't change it ever. The room mothers sometimes get a little out of joint because they LOVE to plan extravagant parties, but when they see what the kids do they love it. I put a suggestion box out before each party with a bunch of Post-It Notes. The kids write ideas down for food, games, and activities. We then talk about all the ideas and select about six. The rule is that any activity must be done in the classroom. If there are to be prizes, the kids must make the prizes in the classroom. The kids then are divided into groups and each group has to plan the game or activity. They have to all come to consensus and that takes time, especially for the first party, which is the Halloween party. They have to write the explanation for the game or activity and also write the rules. They make a big group poster with the explanation and rules. I'm telling you I couldn't have come up with some of the creative ideas that the kids have come up with in the past 8 years.

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