Activities and Lessons
for Homework and Family Involvement

Reading at Home
~ Devon Hamner

When my kindergarten kids take a book home to read, they are asked to read it to three listeners. (It is fine to read it to the same listener three times if no one else is there to listen.) I keep the returned slips with the book title, child's name and the signature of the three listeners.

Place Value and Reading at Home
~ Renee Goularte

I had my kindergarten students read at home and return a simple reading log each Friday. The log had a place for the title and number of pages. As part of our circle time each Friday, we would use base ten blocks to count how many books students had read. We passed a bin of "ones" around the circle and students would refer to their logs to count out blocks and put them in the counting bin (a plastic container). When finished, we would dump out the blocks and trade sets of ten "ones" for "ten sticks" and finally we would count out the total together and I would write the "grand total" on a 3x5 card and tape it to the container. The container stayed near the calendar so students could count and recount the blocks during the week.

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