Activities and Lessons
for Language Arts

Book Sharing ~
Renee Goularte

Have one student each day share a book they're reading to the whole class. Have the student tell the title, author, and a short synopsis, included how the book begins, a short statement about the main character, the problem and solution, and how the story ends. For non-fiction, have students tell the title and author, a one sentence statement about the book's topic, and three or four facts they learned from the book. After the student shares their book, have other students ask questions about the story to get more details. This takes only about five minutes, and helps all children learn to speak in front of the group, recall information about the stories they read, and summarize their reading. A good way to organize this is to have an alphabetized list of students and to have a small calendar posted with students' names on the dates they will be sharing books. This enables students to plan ahead.

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