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High Frequency Word Reference Cards
~ Renee Goularte

 I have used a "high frequency" word list (from Rebecca Sitton) to create "reference cards" that are on the tables in the classroom. I used some of her "first 100 words" and added some words that, in my experience, are commonly used and misspelled (girl, bird, people). I use a word processor to type the words in three columns, with a fairly large font and with spaces in between, so that half of them will fit on approximately a half sheet of paper. The top half has the most-used ones (said, the, of, and, they, etc.) and the bottom half has slightly harder ones (another, people, use, used, using, where, etc). I cut the lists in half, then mount the top half on red poster board, and the bottom half on blue poster board. I trim the lists so that there is colored border all around. Then I glue the backs of the red and blue together, so that you can flip the chart over to get the "easy" list or the "harder" list. Then I had them laminated. I several of these cards sitting on the classroom tables. Students use them all the time to help them spell those words that are "troublesome."

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