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Book Experts
~ Christine Check

There is a great SHORT picture book called, Read Anything Good Lately? by Susan Allen.  I read it to my class at the beginning of the year and then took the jacket off and taped it on the cabinet.  I put post-its by the cabinet. 

I told the students when they read a good book to write down the title on a post it and then on the bottom write "Ask+their name"  then if someone wonders about that book they can ask the "expert" about it...It was amazing what happened!  It is filled with suggestions all the time and kids refer to it continually. 

I have left it all year and it has only gotten better with time.  Kids now are writing "if you want to read about ______, check this book out" or "Read this book slowly because you have to really infer but it is worth the reading work", etc.  Those are actual quotes from the post-its!

This is just something that they have evolved with on their own and they are only 2nd graders!  Try it!

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