Activities and Lessons
for Language Arts

Starting a Reader's Workshop
~ Christina Kmet

When starting a reader's workshop in my 2nd grade class, in addition to modeling procedures to the students, it is equally as important to establish that reading is important and meaningful. Here are some ideas of mini lessons I use:

Reading is. . . " ~ Have students tell you what they think reading is or what readers do. You'll be surprised how much their answers change from the beginning of the year to the end.
My favorite place to read.
What is readers workshop?
~ Chart the difference between readers workshop independent reading vs. D.E.A.R
Have students share their favorite picture book. ~ Discuss what makes their writing effective (this will lend itself nicely to writers workshop as well)
Book Nooks ~ areas in the room where we can read
Workshop rules and appropiate voices
Caring for books and the classroom library
~ Discuss its organization and practice taking and returning books.
How to choose the "just right" book vs. "easy" and "challenging" ~ I would bring in a magazine, novel, and textbook to demonstrate that there is a difference for adults as well.
What does a good listener look/sound like?
What does partner reading look/sound like?

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