Activities and Lessons
for Science and Explorations

Leaf Observations
~ Renee Goularte

Observation #1

Collect two leaves from one plant. Make a list on a piece of paper of what is the same and different about the leaves.
Here are some questions to help you in your observation:
- Do the leaves have the same number of veins?
- Are the leaves the same size?
- Do the leaves feel the same when you rub them?
- Are the leaves the same color?
Make up some of your own questions, too!
When you are finished, write this sentence on your paper, and finish it: If I used five leaves instead of two, I think ________________.
Then try it with five!

Observation #2

Collect several different shaped and sized leaves from different plants. You will need at least ten leaves. Sort the leaves in groups where every leaf in the group has something similar. For example, one group might have jagged leaves, another group smooth leaves, and another group long, skinny leaves. See how many different ways you can group the leaves, and write down what you find.

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