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Stump the Adult
~ Renee Goularte

This is a great game to play with your mom or dad, to try to outsmart them. To play the game, you need a set of ten objects from your house. You can use ten toy cars, ten video boxes, ten silverware items, ten pieces of jewelry, ten socks, ten toys, ten stuffed animals, ten pens and pencils, or ten of anything you can think of. Then, you will sort those ten objects into two groups. One group will follow a rule, and the other group will not follow the rule. For example, you might have ten toy cars and three of them are red. You could put the three red ones together in one group (follows the rule) and the other seven in another group (doesn't follow the rule). Then you go get your mom or dad and see if they can guess your rule! For fun, play the game about twenty times and keep a tally. Can you outsmart your mom or dad?

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