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I have been a teacher, a writer, an artist, and I am a perpetual student. I have a BA in Art and English from San José State University, where I earned Standard Secondary and Multiple Subjects teaching credentials, as well as a Master's Degree in Elementary Education with a focus in Mathematics. I am also Montessori-certified.

My professional teaching career began in San José, CA in 1988 in a third grade classroom. I soon moved to 2/3 combination classes and then spent four years teaching in a Multiage 1-2-3 program, which I started with a colleague. I have also taught a 4/5 combination class and Kindergarten, and have worked specifically with GATE students, ELL students, and at-risk students in all elementary grades, In my last two years of teaching before I retired in 2010, I taught Art to Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students for two years. For me, teaching Art was coming full circle.

In addition to my work in the classroom, I have written articles on teaching, written lessons professionally, maintained a number of websites and blogs, and facilated workshops for teachers and parents.

Share2Learn is my website for teachers and learners of all ages. It is an ongoing work in process; many teachers have contributed successful teaching ideas to the site. Teachers and parents are invited to borrow/use any of the ideas on Share2Learn, with a request to credit the original source, and to email me with any ideas and/or comments!

Along with Share2Learn, I maintain three blogs: Creating Art With Kids highlights the Art lessons I've done with my students, peripheral visions is a collection of random thoughts mostly related to art-making and writing, and Art In Process specifically documents my own creative process and links to my online art galleries. I also participate in a monthly poetry workshop group. Some of that poetry occasionally finds its way to my peripheral visions blog.

I have written lessons for Read-Write-Think (see a list of my lessons) and also for Santillana USA Publishing, I have also written Creating Art With Kids, a book of Art lessons for elementary students based on the elements of design -- a collection of ideas I have used over the years in my classes. Creating Art With Kids is self-published and can be purchased through me. Follow the links for more information about the book.

In addition to teaching, making art, and writing, I have presented Art, Math, and Language workshops for teachers at the California Math Council's yearly conference at Asilomar in Monterey, California and at the California Association of Bilingual Educators' yearly state conference in San José, California. Handouts for those workshops are available for free download (see below).

Click here for a complete list of links to my writings, art, and lessons online.



Workshop Handouts
~ downloadable .pdf files from recent workshops ~

GeomARTry: Linking
Math and Art

CMC - Asilomar 2011
Giant Story Problems: Visualizing
the Language of Math
CMC-Asilomar 2010
The Art of Language: Visual Literacy and Descriptive Writing
CABE 2010
Math and Art of the Face:
From DaVinci to Picasso
CMC-Asilomar 2009
Integrating Art With Language
Across the Curriculum
CABE 2008
Math, Art and Language:
Explorations and Integrations
CMC-Asilomar 2008
Drawing Math Stories:
Linking Language, Art, and Math
CABE 2006
Linking Math With Art
Through the Elements of Design
CMC-Asilomar 2007

These workshop materials may be freely used for non-commercial purposes with acceptance of CreativeCommons terms as outlined on the copyright page. Remember to give credit where credit is due!  

Please feel free to email me with questions about any of these materials or the workshops.


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