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Collaborative Math

Giant story problems are my favorite way to introduce problem-solving collaboration. Students are given 'large text' story problems and are taught to move through four steps:

- highlight key vocabulary
- draw a picture
- calculate the answer mathematically
- write a sentence that answers the question

When groups are finished, they share their strategies orally and other students ask questions to clarify details.

The heterogeneous groups are set up so that each group has a strong reader, a budding artist, and a creative problem-solver.


Read more about Giant Story Problems

Readers' and Writers' Workshop

In our readers' and writers' workshop students choose the books they want to read, respond orally and in writing to literature, and engage in a variety of writing activities, some self-chosen, and some assigned.

I meet with students individually each time they finish a book, and periodically during the workshop process.


Here a group of students is working together on individual stories, sharing aloud and getting feedback from each other.



Vocabulary with Textmapping

During a voting unit using Textmapping, students worked in groups to figure out the meanings of words by highlighting and labeling key words in context

See students at work using Textmapping strategies.

Read about The Textmapping Project.

Two Samples of Winter Haiku


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