Books About The Ocean

Clements, Andrew. Big Al. Scholastic.
Cole, Joanna. The Magic School on the Ocean Floor. Scholastic.
Cooney, Barbara. Hattie and the Wild Wave. Viking.
Cooney, Barbara. Island Boy. Viking .
Cummings, Priscilla. Chadwick and the Garplegrungen. Tidewater.
Ehlert, Lois. Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On. Harcourt .
Gibbons, Gail. Beacons of Light: Lighthouses. Morrow .
Guiberson, Brenda. Lobster Boat. Holt.
Heller, Ruth. How to Hide an Octopus & Other Sea Creatures. Grosset .
Hulme, Joy. Sea Squares. Hyperion.
Kimmel, Eric. Anansi Goes Fishing. Holiday.
Kipling, Rudyard. New Illustrated Just So Stories. Doubleday.
Koch, Michelle. By the Sea. Greenwillow.
Levinson, Riki. Our Home Is the Sea. Penguin.
Liddledale, Freya. The Magic Fish. Scholastic.
Lionni, Leo. Swimmy. Knopf.
Martin, Antoinette T. Famous Seaweed Soup.Whitman.
McDonald, Megan. Is This a House for Hermit Crab? Orchard.
Paraskevas, Betty. Monster Beach. Harcourt Brace.
Pallota, Jerry. Going Lobstering. Charlesbridge.
Roop, Peter & Connie. Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie. Carolrhoda.
Swift,Hildegarde &Ward.The Little Red Lighthouse. Voyager.
Tafuri, Nancy. Follow Me! Greenwillow .
Van Allsburg, Chris. The Wretched Stone. Houghton .
Waber, Bernard. I Was All Thumgs. Houghton .
Walton, Rick & Ann. Something's Fishy! Jokes About Sea Creatures. Lerner.
Zolotow, Charlotte. The Seashore Book. HarperCollins.

Adler, David. Over Amazing Ocean. Troll.

Bendick, Jeanne. Exploring an Ocean Tide Pool. Holt.

Bramwell, Martyn. The Oceans. F. Watts.

Cole, Joanna The Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor. Scholastic.

Donnelly, Judy. The Titanic Lost . . .and Found. Random House.

Doubilet, Anne. Under the Sea from A to Z. Crown.

Feeny, Stephanie. Sand To Sea: Marine Life of Hawaii.U. of Hawaii

French, Vivian. Why The Sea Is Salty? Reader's Digest Press.

Gibbons, Gail. Sunken Treasure. HarperCollins.

Hirschi, Ron. Ocean. Bantam Books.

Hirschi, Ron. Where Are My Puffins, Whales, and Seals? Bantam Books.

Jenson, Dr. Anthony. Under Sea Mission. Gareth Stevens.

Lauber, Patricia. An Octopus Is Amazing. HarperCollins.

MacDonald, Suse. Sea Shapes. Harcourt .

Matthew, Rupert. Record Breakers of the Sea. Troll.

McMillan, Bruce. Beach for Birds. Houghton.

Mud-Ruth, Maria. The Ultimate Ocean Book. Western .

Nielson, Barbara. The Great Barrier Reef.Gallery.

Oppenheim, Joanne. Oceanarium. Bantam Books.

Pallota, Jerry. The Ocean Alphabet Book. Charlesbridge.

Pallota, Jerry. The Underwater Alphabet Book. Charlesbridge.

Parker, Steve. Eyewitness Books-Seashore. Knopf.

Pope, Joyce. Seashore. Knopf.

Robbins, Ken. Boats. Scholastic .

Rotner, Shelley & Kreisler. Ocean Day. Macmillan .

Rowland, Della. Whales and Dolphins. Macmillan.

Segaloff, Nat & Erickson. A Reef Comes to Life. Watts.

Simon, Seymour. Oceans. Morrow Jr.

Sipera, Paul P. I Can Be An Oceanographer Children's Press.

Taylor, Barbara. Shoreline. Dorling Kindersley.

Tayntor, Elizabeth. Dive to the Coral Reefs. Crown.

Wallace, Karen. Think of an Eel.Candlewick .

Wheeler, Alwyne. Fishes. Usborne-Haye.

Zim, Herbert & Ingle. Seashore. Golden Book

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