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Standards and Assessment

Assessment Rubrics ~ ~ list of links from Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Intermediate Literature Log Grading Rubric ~ ~ This is a great descriptive rubric from Martha Hitzel for assessing responses in literature circles
Technology Rubrics ~ ~ A list of links to rubrics to use for technology education and multimedia presentations.
Online Rubric makers

TopWords: SAT Prep Challenge ~ ~ A free downloadable flash-card style game aimed at improving vocabulary skills for high school students preparing for the SAT exam.

About Standardized Testing

Not on the Test ~ ~ why the arts are important for learning; includes a video clip of Tom Chapin's song, "Not on the Test."
FairTest ~ ~ The National Center for Fair and Open Testing ~ works to end the misuses and flaws of standardized testing and  to ensure that evaluation of students, teachers and schools is  fair, open, valid and educationally beneficial; wants the public to know more about testing than the newspapers tell you.
Students Against Testing ~ ~ A collection of facts, flyers, and ideas about standardized testing from the students' point of view.
STAR Testing - State Policies and the Rights of Teachers and Parents ~ ~ for teachers and parents in California
Teachers for Social Justice ~ ~ online resources from the High Stakes Testing Study Group - know your rights about standardized testing!
Susan Ohanian ~ ~  huge and useful collection of stuff, news stories, commentary,
No Child Left ~ ~ Critical and dependable independent analyses of research and policy documents, Rethinking Schools ~ ~ an independent, progressive quarterly periodical
Harvard Civil Rights Project ~

Education Policy Research Unit, (EPRU ) ~ OR ~ Arizona State Univ. Independent analyses of research and policy documents in areas such as student performance standards, assessment, and curriculum. EPRU disseminates its reports, analyses and other documents to policy makers, educators and the public.
The Forum for Democracy and Education ~ ~ Educators working to develop a national network of academics  and activists working for fundamental  changes in assessment methods and policies.
Applied Research Center ~ ~ Progressive, dependable, focus on race and public policy including testing ~ ~A website tracking news articles from every state on the No Child Left Behind Act and monitoring how communities are faring under the law. 
National Council of Teachers of English ~
National Education Association's (NEA) ~ ~ updates on the national lawsuit, Pontiac v. Spellings,  also a useful tool for sending letters to Bush and Congress 
The Florida Coalition for Assessment Reform, Inc. ~ ~ has a web site that's updated weekly. Their work isn't national in scope, but includes a weekly newsletter and archives of  F-TREND, Florida Test Reform Email News Digest, now in its third volume.
Rouge Forum ~ ~ includes articles on public policy from a left perspective including testing.
Rich Gibson's Education Page For a Democratic Society ~ ~ has extensive resources on California 's tests, the Michigan MEAP, and testing in general
Education and Democracy ~ ~ includes useful pieces on testing



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