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Whole Language Umbrella ~ ~ discussions about whole language philosophy from the experts.
National Council of Teachers of English ~ ~ NCTE's homepage.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics ~ ~ NCTM's homepage.
Whole Schooling Consortium ~
National Association for Gifted Children ~ ~ resources, position statements, and more, for parents and teachers.
Teachers for Social Justice ~ ~ High Stakes Testing Study Group - know your rights in the high stakes testing world!
Random Acts of Kindness Foundation ~ ~ Lesson plans for elementary classrooms. Use them, and share your own!
The Rouge Forum ~ ~ teaching and learning for a democratic society
California Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education ~ ~ This is a "must visit" website for all parents and teachers in California who are concerned about what's happening with standardized testing in our schools.
Educators for Social Responsibility ~ ~ Helping young people develop the convictions and skills needed to shape a safe, sustainable, democratic, and just world
Education Disinformation Detection and Reporting Agency ~ ~ an alternative view of education issues in the news
American Educational Research Association ~
National Education Association ~ ~ find out what's going on lately in the NEA.
Rethinking Schools ~ ~ an independent, progressive quarterly periodical
Designs for Change ~ ~ an educational research and reform organization. Mission is to serve as a catalyst for major improvements in the public schools serving the 50 largest cities in the country, with emphasis on Chicago.
Harvard Civil Rights Project ~ ~ bridges the world of ideas and action to renew the civil rights movement

School Reform and Politics in Education

CalCARE ~ ~ California Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education
Susan Ohanian ~ ~ a huge and useful collection of NCLB atrocities and various collections of news stories, cartoons, and commentary,
Political Advocacy for Educators and Administrators ~ ~ Ten facts sheets about literacy.
Education At The Brink ~ ~ News and commentary on education, politics, and the intersection of the two. Has links to many education blog and news sites.
Edutopia ~ ~ issues and ideas in education, from the George Lucas Educational Foundation
The National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) ~ ~ works to end the misuses and flaws of standardized testing and to ensure that evaluation of students,
teachers and schools is fair, open, valid and educationally beneficial. ~ ~ Beyond the cutting edge - thinking beyond the box of traditional education.
No Child Left ~ ~ website of interest to counteract NCLB
Minority Report of the National Reading Panel ~ Joanne Yatvin ~

The Responsive Classroom ~
Rethinking Schools ~ ~ ideas about reform of elementary and secondary education, with a strong emphasis on equity and social justice issues.
Alfie Kohn ~ ~ Alfie Kohn will make you think about standardized testing, creating community, and classroom management and discipline. There are links here to several short articles to get you started.
Dr. Stephen Krashen's Editorial/Opinion Page ~ ~ files of Dr. Krashen's latest articles and short papers
Character Counts! ~ ~ non-denominational, non-partisan ideas about character and values in our lives, with a link to quotes.
shutupandteach ~ ~ The front page challenges you: "Stay quiet. Don't question them. Just shut up and teach. I dare you." It has news, articles, research and information about educational politics and NCLB, a blog, a resource list, cartoons, and suggestions for taking action.

No Child Left Behind

NCLBgrassroots ~ ~ a website tracking news articles from every state on the No Child Left Behind Act and monitoring how communities are faring under the law.
National Education Association's (NEA) NCLB Lawsuit ~ ~ updates on the national lawsuit, also a useful tool for sending letters to Bush and Congress

Journals and Magazines

Phi Delta Kappan ~
Early Childhood Research and Practice ~
Education Week ~
Journal of Whole Schooling ~ ~ authors and reviewers throughout the world working to contribute articles ranging from voices and personal stories to research and scholarly reviews, multiple voices. The Journal seeks to focus articles around the Six Principles of Whole Schooling: (1) empowering citizens for democracy; (2) including all; (3) providing authentic, multi-level instruction; (4) building community; (5) supporting learning; and (6) partnering with parents and the community.

Research Sites

Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice; Think Tank Review Project ~ ~ timely academically sound reviews of selected think tank publications, a collaboration of the Education Policy Studies Laboratory at Arizona State University and the Education and the Public Interest Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder, funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and practice.
No Child Left
~ ~ advocating a sound approach to educational reform; information about the NCLB law
Education Policy Research Unit, (EPRU ) ~ ~ Arizona State Univ. Independent analyses of research and policy documents in areas such as student performance standards, assessment, and curriculum. EPRU disseminates its reports, analyses and other documents to policy makers, educators and the public.
Applied Research Center ~ ~ Progressive, dependable, focus on race and public policy including testing
Ask Eric ~ ~ one of the first stops for any kind of educational research.
EdResearch ~ ~ A collection of findings of independent, peer-reviewed, replicated research on reading and writing education.
Mr. Baldwin's School Library ~ ~ Links to a wide variety of academic references plus education headlines and current news headlines
Huntington Learning Center ~ ~ a variety of free articles, how-to's and downloadables for teachers and parents.
Research on Accelerated Reader ~ some pro and con ~ action research

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