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BigEye - CyberPlayground For Kids ~ ~ A GREAT selection of kids' sites on the web; links to games, information, magazines, and more!
Great Links for Parents and Students ~ ~ Some great links to a variety of interesting sites, from kids' magazine sites to game sites.
Best Sites for Children ~


Play Around:

Student Links ~ ~ Assorted links to many interactive student activity websites.
The Education Buffet for Reading, Writing, and Math ~ ~ Links to interactive educational game websites
Paper Crafts ~ ~ fun things to do with paper plates, including directions.
Mazeworks ~ ~ a collection of Java games and puzzles to play on the computer.
Multicultural Math Fair ~ ~ links to math games and information from a variety of countries
Puzzles. Can you believe it? ~ ~ a selection of puzzles and games to play on the computer, including Nim, Mastermind, Othello, Connect Four, and Tangram puzzles; see the 'site map' for a complete listing.
Cyberchase ~ ~ a great site for science games from PBS kids
Gamequarium ~ ~ a comprehensive list of games for all subjects
Pauly's Playhouse ~ ~ features fun online interactive games and activities for children 3 and up.
Mindware Online! ~ ~ Brainy toys for kids of all ages.
Kids Page; Games and Activities ~

Concentration Game ~
Math Games ~
Read Write Think Wordmaker ~

Curriculum Games and Activities ~ ~ links to game sites of all kinds, including language and math games.
NationStates ~ ~ A free site that lets you design your own nation/state with telegrams coming to you, as well as messages and issues to decide. Really fun and complex.
Absolutely Amazing! Puzzles, Games, and More on the Net! ~ ~ categoried list of games to play on (and off) the internet.
Kids' Games ~ ~ rules for games, jumprope rhymes, and more!
Puzzlemaker ~ ~ create your own word and number puzzles online, or print mazes from a wide variety of choices.
BrainBoosters ~ an extensive categorized list of games and puzzles to get your brain going.
Brainteasers, Puzzles and Riddles from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences ~ Online Interactive Games
~ ~ an assortment of games to play online, alone or with a partner.
Turning Turtles (Nim) ~

Northcott's Game (Nim) ~
The Hot Game of Nim ~
Hex-7 ~
Kids and Teen: Games ~
Interactive Fun Puzzles ~ Game Index ~ Puzzles ~
Winter Fun from PrimaryGames ~
Wacky Tales ~ ~ like MadLibs
Fun With Randomly-Generated Sentences ~ ~ Create silly sentences online.
Funny Poetry for Children ~ ~ Favorite poems, poetry contests, funny poetry, and more.
Aplus Math ~ ~ flash cards; game room; homework helper
AAA Math ~ ~ choose your math topic and level, then test your skills ~ ~ Free email for students. Very user friendly and easy to maintain. All email is monitored for content.
Eggbrain Productions ~ ~ a place people can test themselves on a variety of subjects.


Ask Questions:

Ask Jeeves! ~ ~ Ask any question and receive answers and links to more information. A great search engine for kids!
eHow ~ ~ This website is WAY too much fun! You can do a search on how to do anything and get instructions. Try it!
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works! ~ ~ Tons of stuff to explore and learn about!


Get Information:

Wikipedia ~ ~ an online encyclopedia for everyone!
The Internet Public Library (for kids) ~ ~

Copyright Kids ~ ~ Everything you want to know about copyright laws, written in simple terms, for use by students, parents, and teachers. Includes the basics of the law, plus sample letters for requesting usage and how to register your own work.
Exploratorium ~ ~ Be a scientist!
Geographic Explorer ~ ~ magazine for kids
National Geographic Kids ~ ~ has interactive games, experiments to do at home, and lots of interesting information.
National Geographic Kids Magazine ~ ~ daily fun fact, games, puzzles to solve
National Geographic Book Club for Kids ~

National Geographic Bookmark Factory ~ ~ print out bookmarks or make your own.
Jeeves Newsroom ~ ~ Links to news and magazines sites for kids of all ages.
World Almanac for Kids ~ ~ assorted information, informational graphs, games, interactive trivia quizzes.
B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper ~ ~ "If you can't find it here, then you just can't find it."
PBS Kids ~ ~ Links to websites for children's PBS programs
National Geographic Kids' News ~

Kids' News Room ~
Time For Kids ~
Time For Kids Classroom ~
Yahooligans! News ~
Scholastic News ~
NASA Kids ~

Especially for Parents

Leave My Child Alone ~ Everything you need to know about opting your child out from his or her school sending their personal information to the military without your knowledge.
Imaginazium Educational Toys ~ ~ Ignite a child's imagination!
Tech-It & Take-It - Making Books with Children ~ ~ Have a great time making books with your kids! The "shape books" are especially fun!
Free Resource Library for Parents
A free library of articles that covers issues involving study skills, homework help, learning styles, social problems and other education/parenting related issues.
Free Resource Library for Teachers ~
~ A free library of articles and checklists for teachers including suggestion tips for parents and successful study techniques. ~ ~ Free your books!

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