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Miscellaneous Teaching Resources

Calisphere's Collections for Educators ~ ~ free University of California site with access to more than 170,000 primary source materials designed around the needs of K-12 educators, including photographs, documents, newspapers, political cartoons, works of art, diaries, transcribed oral histories, advertising, and other cultural artifacts that reveal the diverse history and culture of California and its role in national and world history.
Student Links ~ ~ Assorted links to many interactive student activity websites.
The Education Buffet for Reading, Writing, and Math ~ ~ Links to interactive educational game websites
Teaching That Makes Sense ~ ~ Variety of resources for teachers, including writing instruction ideas, graphic organizers, posters, and student work samples.
Character Counts ~ ~ Information, ideas, and resources about character education, including some free lesson plans.
~ ~ resources for teachers, including a page where teacher can ask for specific materials. Matches up schools and teachers with donors
Sites for Teachers ~ ~ a list of a variety of resource websites for teachers
Librarian's Index to the Internet ~ ~ Categorized search engine for information. ~ ~ resource for new - and even not-so-new - teachers!
Teaching Stores ~ ~ links to dozens of online resouces for teaching materials ~ ~ You could spend all day here. Go to the "school" link to find a puzzlemaker for teachers! Outstanding! ~ ~ The network is in partnership with abc and disney. This site has a lot of education-related topics and a search engine for specific lesson plans.
Scholastic ~ ~ Helpful resource for parents, teachers and students.
Superkids Educational Software Review ~ ~ Software reviews, articles on learning, and some good math skills resouces for teachers (click on the "educational tools" link.
Mrs. Filak's Home Page ~ ~ particularly directed to Advanced Placement Literature and British Literature.

Bob's Website List ~ Resources for teachers -- Just about anything can be found on this list. Be forewarned that some of it is not categorized... but it's definitely worth exploring!

Things to Make

Teacher Tools & Templates ~ ~ templates for certificates, calendars, and more.
Personal Educational Press ~ ~ This is a real playground for teachers who need or like to make some of their own materials. You can make word lists, flashcards, bingo cards, and more!
Making Books ~ - Lots of ideas for making books with and for children.
Tech-It and Take-It-Making Books With Children ~ ~ free shape book templates and bordered book page templates to use online and print out.

Websites for Making Certificates

Certificate Creator ~
KidBibs ~
Certificate Maker ~
Schloastic Certificates ~

Teacher's Classrooms and Consultants

Lori Jackson's First Grade ~
Sydney Gurewitz Clemens' Home Page ~ ~ A wealth of information about early childhood education, including descriptions of Ms. Clemens' workshops.
Maureen Morrisey's First Grade ~

Discover Multiage ~ ~ exploring alternatives in education.


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