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Classroom Methods and Strategies

Teaching and Learning Methods and Strategies

Textmapping ~ ~ A great strategy for increasing reading comprehension!
Complex Instruction ~ ~ Collaborative groups with specific goals.
Mosaic of Thought ~ ~ Join a discussion group or get ideas from the toolbox.
Multiage Resources ~ ~ all kinds of information about multiage programs and classrooms, including ideas from teachers.
The Guide on the Side ~ ~ Resources for Project-Based Learning.
Ted Panitz's Website ~ ~ all about collaborative and cooperative learning
Constructivism ~ ~ A great place to go to learn all about constructivist teaching and learning!
The Responsive Classroom ~
Standards Based Learning ~
The Project Approach ~ ~ Using the project approach in early childhood and elementary classrooms.
Math Journals ~ ~ short explanation of how to use math journals and a variety of prompts for copying.

Lesson Plans and Lesson Resources

GEM: The Gateway to Educational Materials ~ ~ member-contributed lessons for all curriculum areas.
marcopolo ~ ~ standards-based Internet content; links to lessons using the Internet for all curriculum areas.
Read-Write-Think ~ ~ A well-organized site full of teacher-written lesson plans you can use in your own classroom, from IRA, NCTE, and MarcoPolo.
Illuminations ~ ~ complete lesson plans from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, covering all NCTM standards and all grades K-12.
Science NetLinks ~ ~ lessons, tools and other resources from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
EdSITEment ~ ~ "The best of the Humanities on the Web"; includes lesson plans and information for art and culture, literature and language arts, foreign language, history and social studies.
ArtsEdge ~ ~ art lessons and more from the Kennedy Center.
Student Art Lessons ~ ~ Ideas for classroom art projects categorized by grade level and theme.
How To Read a Painting ~ ~ lessons for art appreciation
Xpeditions ~ ~ lesson plans, activities, and maps from National Geographic.

End of School Activities-Angela's site ~
End of School Year Suggestions ~

Additional Resources

Children of Incarcerated Parents ~ ~ Now that they are more than 3% of the child population, a lot of us work with young children who have a parent in prison, sometimes without even knowing the child's carrying such a heavy burden.  You can find food for thought on this issue on Sydney Gurewitz Clemens' webpage.
Education World ~
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators ~ ~ Lots of resources for teachers; lesson plans, teaching tools, and more.
Teachers.Net ~ ~ Resources for teachers -- articles, message boards, chat areas, supplies, videos, lessons--check it out!
Laura Candler ~ ~ a variety of resources for literacy and beyond, including rubrics.


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