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Whole Language Facts Sheets ~ http://www.ncte.org/groups/wlu/features/107343.htm ~ from Whole Language Umbrella
Whole Language Beliefs ~ http://www.ncte.org/groups/wlu/who/107138.htm ~ NCTE's belief statement about Whole Language, including its scientific basis and foundations.
Six Phonics Myths Dispelled ~ http://www.stenhouse.com/phonicsmyths.htm ~ article by Maryann Manning
What Whole Language is Not ~ http://www.ed.arizona.edu/celt/fs6.html ~ common myths and misunderstandings about Whole Language
Sixty Years of Reading Research - But Who's Listening? ~ http://www.pdkintl.org/kappan/kzem9903.htm ~ article by Steve Zemelman, Harvey Daniels, and Marilyn Bizar discuss years of research and thousands of studies that resoundingly validate progressive approaches to literacy learning.
The Whole Thing or a Piece? ~ http://www.ed.arizona.edu/mcvey/tawl/piece.htm ~ article written collaboratively by a group of Whole Language teachers, subtitled "How the Unscientific "Scientifically Based" Reading in Bush's Education Bill Will Harm Our Elementary School Classrooms"
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site: Whole Language Page ~ http://www.carolhurst.com/profsubjects/wholelanguage.html ~ book recommendations and classroom strategies

Books About Whole Language ~ http://www.ncte.org/store/books/wholelang ~ from Whole Language Umbrella

Teachers Applying Whole Language

TAWL Archives ~ http://listserv.arizona.edu/archives/tawl.html ~ the archives for the Teachers Applying Whole Language listserve

Whole Language Umbrella ~ http://www.ncte.org/groups/wlu ~ professional organization of Whole Language teachers, a subgroup of the National Council of Teachers of English. To join or get more information, go here: http://www.ncte.org/groups/wlu/leadership/107155.htm

An Inside Look at Whole Language Classrooms ~ http://www.share2learn.com/wlclassrooms.html ~ teacher stories and reflections from the trenches

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