Math in the Whole Language Classroom

Title I Math Activities with Parents
Marjory Forbes

I've been spending the past four weeks as a math teacher for our summer Title I program. The math piece is a new component and I did lots of activities involving talk, problem solving, and math writing. (I went to the archives to look at what Renee Goularte did in her Intersession program, thought about Lori Jackson's CGI posts and the videos we watched at the Whole Language Umbrella conference as well as did some reading.)

Today we had a parent visitation. I used three types of multiplication word problems from the Carpenter and Fennema book with entering fourth graders. Parents were so excited about what they were seeing! I don't think I've ever gotten so much positive feedback at one time. Several made a point of talking to the director of the program about what they had seen.

And to top it off, our superintendent came in for the last few minutes. As we were chatting after the kids left, I mentioned going to WLU using the words WHOLE LANGUAGE. She was very interested in what I had to say, and asked if I had asked for reimbursement for the conference fee. I told her that I didn't know we could be reimbursed for conferences (thought it could only be workshops or courses). So the outcome is that I can apply for reimbursement after the fact, and "be sure to put in for it next summer."

Do I plan on future conversations with her about good teaching (WL)? You bet I do!

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