Welcome to my Kindergarten classroom!
Take a look around and feel free to borrow any ideas you like!

~ Renée Goularte

Here is an overview of part of my classroom very early in the year.

On the far wall is our "We Can Read" wall collage, shelves with a variety of math manipulatives, and some student art work. You can also see a couple of word charts on the wall. The easel is where we do morning message. Behind the easel is the meeting corner with pocket charts on the wall.




 Shelves of math manipulatives are always accessible to students: linker cubes, pattern blocks, counters of various kinds, geoboards, and tiles. These shelves also hold lincoln logs, colored blocks, and geoblocks.



The "We Can Read" wall collage was made with environmental print samples brought into class by students.


At right is a closeup of the little words and name charts. The names chart stayed on the wall throughout the year and we used it for a variety of activities, including using it as a model for students' writing their own names many phonemic awareness, phonics, and alphabet activities.



This corner is where I read stories, do pocket chart activities, do morning message, and where we play with words, sing songs, have class meetings and sharing times, and do our calendar. Just to the left is the calendar wall.


I use the pocket charts for poetry, sentence-building, sight word and other word work, phonemic awareness activities, and much more. Word cards are kept in a nearby basket and are available for students to use for sentence-building and other literacy practice during choice times. Above is a sentence building activity using the words "I" and "like" which was an introduction to student-written individual books. At left is a rebus poetry activity (from Read-Write-Think.org) used to introduce the writing of a class book.



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