Renee Goularte's Kindergarten Classroom Tour


To the left of the calendar is what would be the "front" of the room if there were such a thing. The chalkboard space is used to display interactive writing and other temporary charts, so it's always changing. Down near the end of the chalkboard is our "choice chart" and above the chalkboard are several graphs.

 My desk and files are behind the computers. On the cabinet doors behind my desk I have a year plan, the standards, and a copy of the report card, which I use to help me plan.To the left of the computers is the desk where students sign in each morning. The white board on the floor is a very popular writing space for students. The black file crate on the other side of the table holds the students' writing files and their "Magic Reading Bags."  

Instead of stations or centers, we have an activity time each day. While students are working at their own pace, adult helpers are available to help them as needed. During this time, I meet with one small group each day for focused instruction, such as guided reading or a mini math lesson.


 Picture cards in a pocket chart show students the day's required activities and choices. Red stars show what activities are required, and the cards at the bottom show what choices are available when required work is finished. At first, students just have the choices shown on the chart. Later in the year, reading and writing are *always* a choice so picture lists are added next to the choice chart.

All materials students need for required activities are located on the table under the activities chart. Often, these materials are later relocated to other classroom shelves for future choices.

Book tubs are located in various places around the room.


This desk is where students sign in each day as they arrive at school. They also are responsible for signing up for hot lunch on a check sheet. The computers are shared by students and myself. School attendance and lunch counts are done online.



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