Renee Goularte's Kindergarten Classroom Tour


Big books are stored in boxes, classroom library books in crates and plastic tubs. The large rolling cart holds all supplies: an assortment of papers, glue, paste, and glue sticks, crayons, scissors, pencils, colored pencils, old magazines, and a bin of paper scraps for cutting and gluing. The reverse side of the cart has more books, homework folders, and extra plastic bins.

Below is a close-up of the little shelves that hold the students' writing files, seasonal books, and bins with the students' 'Magic Reading Bags'...


 ... large baggies which hold each student's word rings, little self-written books, name cards, alphabet cards, leveled books, and other personal reading materials.


This is the back wall, showing our large "color word" posters, supply cubbies, a little bookshelf, poem charts, and a bit of student artwork. Back there in the left corner is the play kitchen. The "color word" posters were made one week at a time; students cut pictures of magazines and glued them onto words written on the sheets of butcher paper.

The square cubbies hold materials that are available to students at all times; puzzles, games, various literacy and math activities, bins of scrap paper, small chalkboards and whiteboards, and their journals.

Student-written class books and cut up poems are kept on these shelves.

The poems on the wall are from weekly poetry activities.



This is the end of my Kindergarten classroom tour.

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