More Kindergarten MATH work

 A lot of math work in my classroom is integrated with literacy work. Here are two charts we had going at the same time.

On the left is a sorting chart, where students went on a search of the classroom for brown things. We charted who found the items and what they found.

The chart on the right is the beginning of a classroom counting chart. We did one number a day for ten days. Students were asked to look around the classroom for items that were only present in the number we were counting. For example, since the classroom only had one TV and one door, either of those could go with number one. When the chart was complete, we used it for several days for shared reading.

To begin a study of spheres, I asked students to tell what they thought a sphere might be. I charted some of their questions. At far right is a second chart created after we explored a variety of spheres.


I like to link math, art, and language by doing "Giant Story Problems" and "Backward Story Problems." Students learn to pay attention to the language of mathematics by using drawings to model the problem.

Click here to read more about Giant Story Problems.


  Another way to link math, art and language is through the use of poetry and songs. Here are two verses of a four verse song we sang during a farm unit. At some point during the unit, I got the idea to turn the songs into giant story problems.


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