A few samples of Kindergarten student SOCIAL STUDIES and SCIENCE work ....


One Hundred Acts of Kindness


Between Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and Valentine's Day, we worked on performing 100 acts of kindness before the 100th day of school. We had a hundred chart in the calendar area where we marked off recorded acts of kindness. This wall display holds notes from home about acts of kindness the students did at home. The hundred chart and the lists of kindnesses are under the February calendar.

The lesson plan, Living The Dream: 100 Acts of Kindness can be found at NCTE's Read-Write-Think website.




Character Education

Positive character traits were given monthly focus as part of the district's character education curriculum. This chart shows students' ideas about what respect is and how we show respect to others.


 All About Insects

During an insect unit in the spring, we made question and answer charts, did insect art, read insect poetry, wrote spring poetry, wrote a buggy math story, made group insect information murals and wrote a beautiful book about insects.



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