Literature Circle Guide

You will be working with a Literature Circle to share thoughts and ideas about books you are reading. After reading and writing independently each day, you will meet in a group to talk about the book you have chosen to read. This will help you learn to think and understand more about what you are reading, to listen to others, and to learn to ask questions about stories.

How It Works

Every day you will:

o Read independently for twenty minutes or more.
o Write down your thoughts about what you've read.
o Meet with your group to share thoughts about the story.
o Write about your group's discussion.


While You Read:

Think about the character and how he or she feels about the people in his life. Also, think about how characters in the story handle problems. Try to imagine how you would feel if you were that character.


When You Write:

After you read independently each day, you may write anything you want about the story. If you like, you may use a "prompt card" to give you an idea.

Be sure to write down any questions you might have about what's happening in the story, so that you can remember to bring them up in your group.


In Your Group:

You will talk about the book you are reading, and answer any questions your group members might ask you about the story. On the back of this paper is a list of discussion questions your group can use. You can also use the discussion questions for writing ideas.


After You Meet With Your Group:

You will write again, either about something your group talked about, or making a prediction about what might happen next in the story -- or both!

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