Discussion Questions for the Literature Circle Group

Use one or two questions for each group discussion. Use the questions in order. Everyone in the group should respond to the same question.


o Why did you choose to read this book? What attracted you?

o What do you know about the main character by reading the book?

o What are some things about the main character that are similar to you? What are some things about the main character that are different from you?

o What is the setting of the story? Is it important to the story? How might the story be different if it were set in a different place?

o Tell about one or two of the supporting characters. What do you know about them?

o Choose one important event in the story and tell why it happened, and what you think might happen next.

o Talk about the main character's goal or problem, and tell how it gets solved. What is another way it might have been solved?

o Do you think the main character would be a good friend to you? What makes you think so?

o What questions would you ask the main character if you met him/her?

o What is your favorite part of the story, and why?

o Would you recommend this story to others to read? Why or why not?



When you finish reading and discussing the whole book, see your teacher for further directions.

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