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This series of pages shows many example of my Kindergarten students' work across the curriculum. Start on this page with LITERACY/LANGUAGE ARTS work then view the pages in sequence to see everything, or click any of the links below to see...
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Kindergarten MATH work: Patterns & Graphs
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Kindergarten ART work
Kindergarten SOCIAL STUDIES and SCIENCE work
Kindergarten Student-Written "Question and Answer Book About Insects"



Every day begins with a "Morning Message" ~ an activity that is rich with phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, grammar and other conventions, as well as content. I share the pen with the students for this activity. At the beginning of the year I do almost all the writing, but over time students do more and more of the writing themselves. Sometimes I write what they tell me as we sound out words, and sometimes they volunteer to write what they know. Some students write one letter, while others write whole words.



In December, we studied the five senses. Students named things they could see, smell, taste, hear, and feel in December and we built sentences with word cards. Students also created personal books about

Above is some work with the sight words "I" and "like" and below is a February rebus poetry activity from ReadWriteThink.org.


Journal writing takes place at least twice a week. Journals are made with plain white, unlined paper stapled into construction paper covers. Students learn how to draw a line across the center of the paper, draw a picture on the top and write about their picture at the bottom.

At right are a couple of journal samples from the beginning of the year.



 These journal pages were written in the spring.




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