Reading and Writing Work

 A little haiku to celebrate Spring....


..... and winter

Poetry illustrations show prepositional phrases.

Sorting books into categories.

Sometimes I have students write collaborative stories where they pass around a chart pad and add to the story one sentence at a time. When finished, the pages are displayed and then everyone works on proofreading and editing, first with partners and then as a whole group. Finally, the story is published.

One day, two second grade students began copying one of these "in-process" stories on the white board during their "choice time" ~ it took them three days. They got some practice in copying, spelling, and interpreting the editing process. Here's their work.....

Accordian Books tell a story with pictures and with writing.
To make these books, first and second grade students started by drawing pictures that tell a story which included a problem and solution. Then, after reading the story aloud, they wrote it out, each sheet of paper correlating to one of the drawings. Students sequenced their drawings on pieces of construction paper, taped them together, and then flipped over their book to glue the story on the back.


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