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On this page: more Kindergarten LANGUAGE / LITERACY work.

At right is a photo of students' cubbies showing their special word card rings. These are metal rings holding "key words" that are personal for each student. Students use them as a resource when writing in their journals, and sometimes just read them with classroom helpers or classmates.



Here is a student working on writing "Ho Ho Ho" on a chalkboard after practicing for the school Christmas program.



I use a lot of print in the classroom, so my walls are usually covered with charts of poetry and a variety of shared writing, alongside art and other work.

An author study about Leo Lionni produced this character study /problem-solution matrix. Students' responded to questions about the beginning, problem, solution, and ending of each story. Their responses were transcribed by adults and students added the drawings.

 I do tons of shared writing. Here are two collaborative stories, one about a snowy day, and the other about insects that spontaneously turned into a math story with bugs coming and going.


Jigsaw puzzles are great for developing spatial sense, and they can also be used to reinforce other skills. Just complete the puzzle on a sheet of white paper, then take it apart piece-by-piece. As you take it apart, trace the shape and mark the back of each piece and it's corresponding shape with matching items, such as numbers with number words, capital and lower-case letters, or sight words.  

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