Linking Math with Art
Through the Elements of Design

Geometric Shape Collages
Fourth and Fifth Grade





Art Elements: line, shape, movement
Art Techniques: collage
Math Vocabulary & Concepts: circle, triangle, line segment, quadrilateral, congruent, straight, curved, one-half

This is a more complex version of the first grade activity. After reviewing the vocabulary, students are asked to create a collage with the following:
~ one circle
~ two line segments
~ three non-congruent triangles
~ four different quadrilaterals
~ five colors or less

For extra problem-solving, I ask students to use the shapes to cover approximately half the area of the paper and to arrange the shapes in a way that implies movement. When they are finished, I have the students explain in writing how they know their shapes cover approximately half the area of the paper.

The wall display below shows collages done by fourth grade students at Northeast School in Waltham, Massachusetts, taught by Math Coach Margie Forbes. All other works on this page are by fifth grade students working with Renée Goularte at Sierra Avenue School in Oroville, California.







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